Can You Renew Your Driving Licence While On a Visit Visa?

Are you visiting Dubai on a temporary basis and wondering whether you can renew your expired driving license while on a visit visa? As a former Dubai resident with a previous driving license, the process might seem a bit confusing.

In this article, we’ll break down the process of renewing your driving license while on a visit visa, ensuring you have all the necessary information to navigate this situation smoothly.

In Short: Renewing an expired Dubai driving license on a visit visa is generally not possible due to residency requirements. UAE residents can renew by providing documents, passing an eye test, and paying fees.

Can You Renew Your Driving License on a Visit Visa?

If you were once a Dubai resident and held a driving license, you might be wondering whether you can renew your license while on a visit visa. The short answer is that, in most cases, you cannot renew your driving license while on a visit visa.

Residency Requirement for Renewal

To renew an expired UAE driving license, you typically need to be a resident of the UAE. This means that individuals who are more than 21 years old and hold an expired UAE driving license must have UAE residency to renew their licenses. If you are visiting Dubai on a visit visa, you might not meet this residency requirement.

Required Documents and Procedures

For individuals who meet the residency requirement and are eligible to renew their UAE driving licenses, several documents and procedures need to be followed:

  1. Valid UAE Resident Identity Card: You will need to submit the original and valid UAE resident identity card as part of the renewal process. This is a crucial piece of identification that proves your residency status.
  2. Eye Test: An eye test conducted by an institution approved by the local authority is also mandatory. This test ensures that your vision meets the required standards for safe driving.
  3. Renewal Fees: There are renewal fees associated with the renewal process. These fees are payable to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and are necessary for the processing of your renewed license.

Additional Considerations:

If your UAE driving license has not been renewed for more than ten years, additional steps might be required:

  1. Evaluation Test: Individuals in this situation may need to undergo an evaluation test. To do so, you will need to open a training file, pay application fees, handbook manual fees, and relevant RTA test fees.
  2. Penalties and Fees: If you have not renewed your driving license in a timely manner, there might be penalties to address. This could include penalties for late renewal, as well as knowledge and innovation fees.

Bottom Line

Renewing your Dubai driving license while on a visit visa is generally not possible due to the residency requirements. However, if you were once a resident and are planning to return to Dubai, it’s important to ensure that your driving license is up to date before your visit. This will help you avoid any potential complications and ensure that you’re able to drive legally during your stay.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the renewal process and requirements well in advance. By following the necessary steps and adhering to the rules set forth by the RTA, you can ensure a hassle-free experience and a smooth transition back to driving in Dubai.

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