Dubai Vs Jeddah Cost of Living

Dubai offers a higher cost of living compared to Jeddah due to its higher housing, transportation, and entertainment expenses. In Dubai, residents experience a bustling metropolis with luxurious living options, high-end shopping centers, and a vibrant nightlife.

On the other hand, Jeddah provides a more affordable cost of living with lower rent, food, and entertainment costs. This Saudi Arabian city offers a mix of traditional and modern attractions, including historical sites, beautiful beaches, and shopping districts. Whether you prefer the glitz and glamor of Dubai or the more budget-friendly options in Jeddah, both cities have their unique advantages when it comes to the cost of living.

Dubai and Jeddah have different costs of living, with Dubai being generally more expensive. While both cities offer luxurious amenities and attractive lifestyles, Jeddah tends to have lower expenses for housing, dining, and transportation. Consider your budget carefully when deciding between these two vibrant cities.

Dubai and Jeddah are both popular cities in the Middle East, each offering unique experiences and opportunities. Before making the decision to move to either of these cities, it is essential to consider the cost of living. This factor can greatly impact your lifestyle, budget, and overall satisfaction.

In this section, we will provide an overview of Dubai and Jeddah, shedding light on the key aspects that make these cities fascinating and attractive to residents and visitors alike. So, let’s delve into the details and see what makes Dubai and Jeddah worth considering for your next adventure!


Brief Introduction To Dubai And Jeddah As Popular Cities In The Middle East


  • Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city known for its impressive skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and world-class shopping centers.
  • Dubai offers a blend of modernity and traditional Arabian culture, attracting both business professionals and tourists from all over the world.
  • The city is a hub for industries such as finance, real estate, tourism, and trade, presenting endless career opportunities.


  • Situated in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the gateway to the holy city of Mecca and is known for its rich history, warm hospitality, and stunning waterfront along the Red Sea.
  • Jeddah is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia and a major economic center in the region, with industries including shipping, construction, finance, and tourism thriving in the city.
  • The city’s preserved old town, Al-Balad, showcases traditional architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting history enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Considering the Cost of Living:

It is crucial to assess the cost of living before moving to a new city, as it directly affects your budget and lifestyle choices. Here are some factors to consider when comparing the cost of living in Dubai and Jeddah:


  • Dubai: The cost of renting or buying property in Dubai is considered high, especially in popular areas like Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. However, the city offers a wide range of housing options to suit different budgets.
  • Jeddah: Compared to Dubai, the cost of housing in Jeddah is generally lower. The city offers various accommodation options, ranging from lavish villas to more affordable apartments.


  • Dubai: Public transportation in Dubai is efficient and modern, with an extensive metro system, buses, and taxis available. However, owning a car is common, and fuel prices in the UAE are relatively low.
  • Jeddah: Public transportation in Jeddah is also well-developed, with buses and taxis readily accessible. However, owning a car is more prevalent due to the city’s vast size and the convenience it offers.


  • Dubai: Known for its exceptional international schools, Dubai provides a wide range of educational options for children of expatriate families. However, these schools can come with a hefty price tag.
  • Jeddah: The city has several renowned international schools, offering quality education for expatriate families at competitive prices.


  • Dubai: The healthcare system in Dubai is highly advanced, with world-class hospitals and clinics. However, quality healthcare can be expensive, especially for non-residents who may not have insurance coverage.
  • Jeddah: Jeddah also boasts modern medical facilities and a well-functioning healthcare system, providing quality healthcare services at relatively more affordable rates.

By taking the time to consider the cost of living in Dubai and Jeddah, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your financial capabilities and lifestyle preferences. Whether you prioritize a fast-paced, luxurious city like Dubai or a culturally rich and more affordable option like Jeddah, both cities offer unique advantages that cater to different individuals.

Housing Expenses: Dubai Vs Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah differ significantly in terms of housing costs. While Dubai is known for its luxury apartments and lavish lifestyle, Jeddah offers more affordable options for those on a budget. So, comparing the cost of living between Dubai and Jeddah reveals distinct variations in housing expenses.

Dubai Vs Jeddah Cost Of Living

Comparison Of Rental Prices In Dubai And Jeddah

  • Rental prices in Dubai tend to be higher compared to Jeddah due to various factors such as demand, location, and amenities.
  • In Dubai, the rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can range from $1,200 to $2,500 per month, while in Jeddah, it may range from $400 to $900 per month.
  • For a three-bedroom apartment in Dubai city center, the monthly rent can be anywhere between $2,500 to $5,000, whereas in Jeddah, it can range from $800 to $1,500 per month.

Factors Influencing Housing Costs In Both Cities

There are several factors that influence housing costs in both Dubai and Jeddah:

  • Demand and Supply: The high demand for housing in Dubai, as a global business hub, puts upward pressure on rental prices. Jeddah, on the other hand, has a relatively lower demand, leading to comparatively lower rental rates.
  • Location: The location plays a crucial role in determining housing costs. Properties in prime locations in Dubai, such as Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai, command higher prices compared to less sought-after areas. In Jeddah, popular areas like Al Rawdah and Al Salamah usually have higher rental prices.
  • Amenities: The presence of modern amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities can significantly impact housing costs. Dubai offers a wide range of amenities, leading to higher rental rates compared to Jeddah, which may have limited options in certain areas.

Availability Of Different Types Of Accommodation In Dubai And Jeddah

In Dubai and Jeddah, you can find various types of accommodation to suit different budgets and preferences:

  • Apartments: Both cities offer a plethora of options for renters, ranging from luxurious apartments in high-rise buildings to more affordable options in residential areas.
  • Villas: Dubai is known for its upscale villa communities, providing spacious and luxurious living spaces that come with higher rental prices. In Jeddah, villa rentals are also available, but they might be relatively more affordable compared to Dubai.
  • Shared Accommodation: Expatriates and newcomers often opt for shared accommodation to reduce costs. This option is available in both Dubai and Jeddah, with varying prices depending on the location and amenities.

Cost Of Purchasing Property In Dubai And Jeddah

  • Purchasing property in Dubai is a significant investment. The cost of buying a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can range from $350,000 to $600,000, while a three-bedroom apartment can cost anywhere between $600,000 to $1 million. Prices vary depending on location, developer, and property type.
  • In Jeddah, the cost of purchasing property is relatively lower compared to Dubai. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center can range from $100,000 to $250,000, while a three-bedroom apartment can be priced between $200,000 to $450,000.

Both Dubai and Jeddah offer a range of housing options, catering to different budgets. While Dubai generally commands higher rental and property prices due to its international appeal, Jeddah provides more affordable options for individuals looking to reside in Saudi Arabia.

Ultimately, the choice between the two cities depends on one’s personal preferences, lifestyle, and financial situation.

Transportation Costs: Dubai Vs Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah have contrasting transportation costs in terms of living expenses. While Dubai is known for its high cost of living, Jeddah offers more affordable transportation options. Expats and locals can save more on transportation expenses in Jeddah compared to Dubai.

Overview Of Public Transportation Systems In Dubai And Jeddah:

  • Dubai: The public transportation system in Dubai is well-developed and efficient, consisting of an extensive network of buses, metros, and trams. The Dubai Metro is a popular mode of transport, covering both the city center and outskirts. The Dubai Tram provides convenient access to various tourist attractions. The Dubai Bus network is comprehensive and connects different areas of the city.
  • Jeddah: Jeddah also has a public transportation system, but it is relatively less extensive compared to Dubai. The city operates a bus network that covers major areas. However, the service frequency and coverage may be limited in some parts. The Jeddah Metro project, which is under construction, aims to enhance public transportation options in the future.

Comparison Of Fares For Public Transportation Modes:

  • Dubai: The fares for public transportation in Dubai are reasonably priced. The Dubai Metro and Tram have a zonal fare system based on the distance traveled. The Dubai Bus fares are affordable, with varying rates depending on the travel distance.
  • Jeddah: The fares for public transportation in Jeddah are generally lower compared to Dubai. The bus fares in Jeddah are fixed regardless of the distance traveled, making it a cost-effective mode of transport for daily commuters.

Availability And Cost Of Taxis And Ride-Sharing Services In Dubai And Jeddah:

  • Dubai: Taxis are widely available in Dubai, and they offer a convenient option for transportation. Dubai has various taxi service providers, including government-regulated taxis and private ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem. Taxi fares in Dubai are metered and reasonably priced.
  • Jeddah: Taxis are also readily available in Jeddah, providing an alternative means of transportation. Similar to Dubai, Jeddah has both regulated taxis and ride-hailing services. The cost of taxi rides in Jeddah is generally lower compared to Dubai.

Cost Of Owning And Maintaining A Vehicle In Dubai And Jeddah:

  • Dubai: Owning a vehicle in Dubai comes with certain expenses. Apart from the purchase price, vehicle registration, insurance, and maintenance costs add up. Additionally, Dubai has toll gates, which require paying for tolls on certain highways.
  • Jeddah: The cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle in Jeddah is relatively lower compared to Dubai. Vehicle registration fees, insurance, and maintenance costs contribute to the overall expenses. Jeddah does not have toll gates like Dubai, which can help save on toll fees.

Comparison Of Fuel Prices In Both Cities:

  • Dubai: The cost of fuel in Dubai is generally lower compared to many countries due to government subsidies. Fuel prices are relatively stable and transparent, making driving more affordable for vehicle owners.
  • Jeddah: Fuel prices in Jeddah are influenced by various factors, including global crude oil prices. The fluctuating fuel prices may impact the cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the city.

Healthcare Expenses: Dubai Vs Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah differ in terms of healthcare expenses, impacting the overall cost of living. While both cities provide quality healthcare services, Dubai tends to have higher medical costs compared to Jeddah. This cost factor should be taken into consideration when planning for living expenses in either city.

Dubai Vs Jeddah Cost Of Living: Healthcare Expenses

Dubai and Jeddah are two popular cities in the Middle East, known for their vibrant cultures and economic opportunities. If you’re considering relocating to either city, it’s important to understand the cost of living, including healthcare expenses. Let’s compare the availability and quality of healthcare facilities, as well as the cost of medical consultations, treatments, and procedures in Dubai and Jeddah.

We’ll also explore the health insurance options in both cities.

Availability And Quality Of Healthcare Facilities In Dubai And Jeddah

  • Dubai:
  • Boasts a wide range of world-class healthcare facilities that meet international standards.
  • The city is home to numerous private and public hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical technology contribute to high-quality healthcare services.
  • Jeddah:
  • Offers a growing number of healthcare facilities, both private and public, to cater to the population’s needs.
  • The healthcare landscape in Jeddah continues to evolve, with new hospitals and clinics opening regularly.
  • Expatriates and locals alike have access to a range of medical specialists and specialized treatments.

Cost Of Medical Consultations, Treatments, And Procedures In Both Cities

  • Dubai:
  • Consultation fees in Dubai can vary depending on the type of doctor and clinic, starting from AED 150 ($40) for a general physician.
  • The cost of treatments and procedures in Dubai tends to be comparatively higher than in Jeddah, reflecting the city’s higher cost of living.
  • For example, an average dental filling in Dubai may cost around AED 500 ($135).
  • Jeddah:
  • Medical consultation fees in Jeddah are generally lower compared to Dubai, with prices starting from SAR 100 ($27) for a general physician.
  • The overall cost of medical treatments and procedures in Jeddah is relatively more affordable than in Dubai.
  • For instance, a dental filling in Jeddah may cost around SAR 300 ($80).

Overview Of Health Insurance Options In Dubai And Jeddah

  • Dubai:
  • Health insurance is mandatory for all residents in Dubai, including coverage for both employers and employees.
  • The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulates health insurance policies in the city, requiring a minimum level of coverage.
  • Expatriates are usually provided with health insurance by their employers or can opt for private plans.
  • Jeddah:
  • While health insurance is not mandatory for all residents in Jeddah, it is highly recommended to have proper coverage.
  • Many employers in Jeddah offer health insurance as part of their employee benefits package.
  • There are also private health insurance options available for individuals and families, providing access to a network of healthcare providers.

Both Dubai and Jeddah offer a range of healthcare facilities catering to the needs of residents. However, Dubai tends to have a higher cost of living, leading to relatively higher healthcare expenses compared to Jeddah. It’s important to consider these factors while planning your relocation to either city.

Additionally, understanding the health insurance options available will ensure you have adequate coverage for your medical needs in Dubai or Jeddah.

Education Costs: Dubai Vs Jeddah

The cost of education in Dubai and Jeddah is a significant aspect to consider when comparing the cost of living. While both cities offer a range of educational opportunities, the expenses in Dubai tend to be higher than in Jeddah.

However, it is essential to research and compare specific educational institutions and their fees to make an informed decision.

Dubai and Jeddah are two prominent cities in the Middle East, each offering unique opportunities and lifestyles. When it comes to education, both cities boast a range of institutions that cater to students’ needs. In this section, we will explore the education costs in Dubai and Jeddah, the availability and quality of education institutions, and the overall cost of living for students in these cities.

Comparison Of Tuition Fees For Schools And Universities In Dubai And Jeddah:

  • Schools in Dubai:
  • Dubai is known for its prestigious international schools that offer high-quality education to students. Tuition fees for these schools can range from AED 20,000 to AED 100,000 per year, depending on the curriculum, reputation, and facilities provided.
  • The renowned schools in Dubai typically offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and advanced educational resources.
  • Schools in Jeddah:
  • Jeddah also has a range of schools that cater to different educational needs. Tuition fees in Jeddah are comparatively lower than Dubai, ranging from SAR 10,000 to SAR 60,000 per year.
  • The schools in Jeddah focus on providing a strong academic foundation while incorporating Islamic teachings into the curriculum.
  • Universities in Dubai:
  • Dubai is a hub for higher education, with several reputable universities offering a diverse range of programs. The tuition fees for universities in Dubai can vary considerably, ranging from AED 30,000 to AED 150,000 per year.
  • The universities in Dubai are known for their world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborative learning environment.
  • Universities in Jeddah:
  • Jeddah also has universities that provide quality education to students. The tuition fees for universities in Jeddah are generally lower than Dubai, ranging from SAR 15,000 to SAR 80,000 per year.
  • The universities in Jeddah often emphasize the importance of Islamic values and offer programs in various disciplines.

Availability And Quality Of Education Institutions In Both Cities:

  • Dubai:
  • Dubai is a global education hub, attracting students from around the world. The city offers a wide array of educational institutions, including international schools, colleges, and universities.
  • The education institutions in Dubai maintain high standards of quality, with many of them accredited by internationally recognized bodies.
  • Jeddah:
  • Jeddah also hosts a range of education institutions, providing ample options for students. The city is home to reputable international schools, colleges, and universities.
  • The education institutions in Jeddah strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for students, promoting holistic development alongside academic excellence.

Cost Of Living For Students In Dubai And Jeddah:

  • Accommodation expenses:
  • Dubai: The cost of accommodation in Dubai can be relatively high, with rental prices varying depending on the location and type of accommodation. Students can opt for shared apartments or affordable student accommodation provided by universities.
  • Jeddah: Accommodation costs in Jeddah are comparatively lower than Dubai, with various options available for students, including shared apartments or dormitories provided by universities.
  • Transportation expenses:
  • Dubai: Transportation costs in Dubai can vary depending on the mode of transportation chosen. Students have access to a well-developed public transportation system, including metro, buses, and taxis.
  • Jeddah: Similarly, transportation costs in Jeddah are reasonable, with public transportation options like buses and taxis readily available for students.

While both Dubai and Jeddah offer ample educational opportunities, there are notable differences in tuition fees, availability, and cost of living. Dubai presents a broader range of educational options with higher tuition fees, while Jeddah provides more affordable options without compromising on quality.

Students considering these cities for their education should carefully assess their individual needs and budget to make an informed decision.

Food And Grocery Prices: Dubai Vs Jeddah

The cost of food and groceries differs between Dubai and Jeddah, making the cost of living in these cities significantly different. Compare and decide which city suits your budget better.

Comparison Of The Cost Of Groceries And Dining Out In Dubai And Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah are two vibrant cities that offer a wide range of food options for residents and visitors alike. Let’s compare the cost of groceries and dining out in both cities, so you can get a better understanding of the differences.

Availability And Range Of Food Options In Both Cities

In Dubai, you’ll find an extensive array of food options to satisfy any craving. From international cuisine to local delicacies, the city caters to diverse tastes. Jeddah also boasts a rich culinary scene, with a plethora of restaurants offering traditional Saudi Arabian dishes alongside international flavors.

Both cities provide ample opportunities to explore different cuisines, ensuring that food enthusiasts are never disappointed.

Price Differences For Common Food Items And Meals

To give you an idea of the cost of living, here’s a comparison of the prices of common food items and meals in Dubai and Jeddah:


ItemDubai PriceJeddah Price
Loaf of Bread$1.50$0.70
Dozen Eggs$3.50$1.50
Kilogram of Chicken Breast$8.50$6.00
Kilogram of Tomatoes$2.00$1.50

Dining out:

Meal TypeDubai PriceJeddah Price
Basic Lunch Meal (per person)$10.00$5.00
Three-Course Meal for Two (mid-range resto)$70.00$40.00

It’s worth noting that these prices may vary depending on the location, establishment, and current market conditions. However, this gives you a general idea of the cost differences between the two cities.

While both Dubai and Jeddah offer a diverse food scene, there are some variations in the cost of groceries and dining out. Consider these factors when planning your budget in either city. Whether you’re a foodie or simply enjoy cooking at home, the availability of food options and varying price ranges will allow you to find what suits your taste and pocket.

Entertainment And Recreation Expenses: Dubai Vs Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah offer different costs of living for entertainment and recreation expenses. Compare the two cities to find out where you can enjoy your leisure activities without breaking the bank.

Dubai and Jeddah are two vibrant cities that offer a plethora of recreational activities and attractions for residents and visitors. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in each city:

In Dubai:

  • Dubai is known for its world-class theme parks, including the iconic IMG Worlds of Adventure and the thrilling Dubai Parks and Resorts. These parks offer fantastic rides, live shows, and themed experiences for the whole family.
  • The city is also famous for its incredible water parks, such as Aquaventure Waterpark and Wild Wadi Waterpark. These attractions provide an escape from the desert heat, with thrilling slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools.
  • Dubai is home to stunning landmarks and architectural wonders, like the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago shaped like a palm tree. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from observation decks or take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful beaches.
  • For those who appreciate arts and culture, Dubai has a vibrant art scene with numerous galleries and museums. The Dubai Opera hosts a variety of performances, including ballet, opera, and concerts, showcasing world-class talent.

In Jeddah:

  • Jeddah offers its own unique blend of entertainment and recreation. The city’s coastline is a major attraction, with beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun.
  • Historic areas like Al-Balad provide an opportunity to explore Jeddah’s rich heritage. The district is known for its traditional architecture, bustling souks, and ancient mosques.
  • Jeddah Corniche is a popular waterfront promenade that stretches for miles, offering scenic views of the Red Sea. It offers a range of activities such as jogging, cycling, and picnicking.
  • The city also boasts several modern shopping malls, where visitors can indulge in retail therapy or enjoy a wide variety of dining options.
  • For adventure enthusiasts, scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters of the Red Sea are popular activities in Jeddah, with diverse marine life and colorful coral reefs to explore.

Comparison Of Ticket Prices For Movies, Events, And Theme Parks:

When it comes to ticket prices for entertainment and recreation, there are some differences between Dubai and Jeddah. Here’s a comparison of the average costs in both cities:

In Dubai:

  • Movie ticket prices in Dubai range from $10 to $20, depending on the location and cinema chain. Premium experiences, such as IMAX or 3D screenings, may be slightly more expensive.
  • Events and concerts in Dubai vary in price, depending on the popularity of the artist or performer. Tickets can range from $50 to several hundred dollars, especially for international acts.
  • Theme park tickets in Dubai can be quite pricey. For example, entry to IMG Worlds of Adventure costs around $75 for adults and $65 for children, while Dubai Parks and Resorts charges approximately $70 for adults and $60 for children.

In Jeddah:

  • Movie ticket prices in Jeddah are generally lower than in Dubai, with an average cost of $7 to $12. Some cinemas offer special discounts on certain days of the week.
  • Events and concerts in Jeddah vary in price depending on the scale of the event. Tickets for local artists or smaller shows can range from $20 to $50, while international acts may have higher ticket prices.
  • Jeddah doesn’t have as many theme parks as Dubai, but its offerings are still enjoyable. For instance, entry to Atallah Happy Land Park costs around $20 for adults and $15 for children.

Cost Of Dining Out, Socializing, And Nightlife In Both Cities:

Both Dubai and Jeddah are known for their vibrant culinary scenes, socializing opportunities, and exciting nightlife. Here’s an overview of what to expect in terms of costs:

In Dubai:

  • Dining out in Dubai can range from affordable options, such as local Arabic street food, to high-end international restaurants. On average, a meal at a mid-range restaurant may cost around $20 to $50 per person, excluding drinks.
  • Socializing in Dubai can be diverse, with a wide range of cafes, bars, and lounges to choose from. Prices for drinks vary depending on the venue, with alcoholic beverages being relatively expensive due to taxes.
  • Dubai’s nightlife is renowned for its glamorous clubs and bars. Entry fees to clubs can vary, with some clubs offering free entry on certain nights for ladies. Drinks in clubs tend to be on the expensive side, with cocktails ranging from $10 to $20.

In Jeddah:

  • Dining out in Jeddah offers a mix of traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine and international options. The cost of a meal at a mid-range restaurant can range from $10 to $30 per person, excluding beverages.
  • Socializing in Jeddah includes a variety of cafes and local tea houses, where you can enjoy traditional Arabian coffee or tea and spend time with friends. Prices for drinks are generally reasonable.
  • Jeddah’s nightlife scene is more subdued compared to Dubai, with a focus on cafes and lounges. Alcohol is not widely available, but non-alcoholic mocktails and shisha are popular choices. Costs are generally affordable, with drinks ranging from $5 to $15.

Dubai and Jeddah offer unique entertainment and recreation experiences, with variations in ticket prices for movies, events, and theme parks, as well as the cost of dining out, socializing, and enjoying nightlife. Each city has its own charm and attractions, catering to different interests and budgets.

Miscellaneous Expenses: Dubai Vs Jeddah

Dubai and Jeddah differ in terms of miscellaneous expenses. From housing to transportation, the cost of living in Dubai tends to be higher compared to Jeddah.

When comparing the cost of living between two cities, it’s essential to consider miscellaneous expenses. These additional costs can vary significantly and have a considerable impact on your overall budget. In this section, we will explore and compare the miscellaneous expenses in Dubai and Jeddah, focusing on utility bills, pricing differences for consumer goods, and personal care items and services.

Comparison Of Utility Bills, Including Electricity, Water, And Internet Costs:

  • Electricity: Dubai and Jeddah both have different rates for electricity usage. However, in general, Dubai tends to have higher electricity costs compared to Jeddah.
  • Water: The cost of water in Dubai is relatively higher than in Jeddah. While both cities charge for water consumption, Dubai’s rates are typically steeper.
  • Internet: When it comes to internet costs, Dubai offers faster and more advanced broadband options compared to Jeddah. However, it’s worth noting that these higher speeds often come with higher monthly subscription fees.

Pricing Differences For Clothing, Electronics, And Other Consumer Goods:

  • Clothing: Dubai is known as a fashion hub, offering a wide range of luxury and high-end clothing brands. Consequently, clothing prices in Dubai are generally higher compared to Jeddah, where you can find more affordable options.
  • Electronics: Similar to clothing, Dubai offers a vast selection of top-notch electronic products. However, these items often come with premium price tags. In Jeddah, you can find similar electronic goods at comparatively lower prices.
  • Consumer Goods: Everyday consumer goods like groceries, household items, and miscellaneous products are relatively more expensive in Dubai due to a higher cost of living. In contrast, Jeddah tends to have lower prices for these goods.

Cost Of Personal Care Items And Services:

  • Personal Care Items: Whether it’s toiletries, cosmetics, or grooming products, Dubai generally has pricier options compared to Jeddah. If you are budget-conscious, Jeddah may offer more affordable choices in this category.
  • Services: Personal care services such as hairstyling, beauty treatments, and spa services are well-established in both cities. However, you may find that the prices for these services are slightly higher in Dubai compared to Jeddah.

When considering miscellaneous expenses, it’s evident that Dubai often comes with higher costs in terms of utility bills, clothing, electronics, and personal care items and services. On the other hand, Jeddah offers more affordable alternatives in these areas. It’s important to evaluate and compare these expenses to make an informed decision based on your budget and lifestyle preferences.

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