5 New Rules Introduced in The UAE in 2024

Each year, the UAE introduces significant changes to its laws to enhance life in Dubai. From new parking regulations to environmental initiatives, here are three new rules introduced in the UAE in 2024 that you should know about:

Update to Golden Visa Requirements

Dubai has updated the property investment criteria for the 10-year Golden Visa. The previously required Dhs1 million down-payment has been canceled. Now, buyers must invest in properties valued at over Dhs2 million to qualify. This change means that a greater number of property investors in Dubai will now be eligible for the coveted 10-year Golden Visa.

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E-Scooters Banned on Public Transport

Starting March 1, the RTA has banned the use and carrying of e-scooters on Dubai metro and tram services.

The RTA announced this measure to ensure the safety of public transport users. However, there is no indication yet if this ban extends to bus services.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Effective January 1, single-use plastic bags can no longer be imported or purchased in Dubai. Exceptions include thin-film rolls for packaging meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains, and bread, as well as garbage bags.

This initiative, announced by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, aims to phase out single-use products to promote a greener city. From June 1, 2024, even non-plastic single-use bags will be banned across Dubai, with fines of Dhs200 for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has enforced a single-use plastic bag ban since June 2022, and from June 1, 2024, will also ban single-use Styrofoam products and food containers.

Salik, in cooperation with Emaar Malls, has announced that parking at one of the world’s largest malls will soon become a paid service.

The new system, expected to be implemented by the third quarter of 2024, will feature a barrier-free, automated process using vehicle plate recognition. Payments will be deducted directly from the customer’s Salik account, similar to the toll system. Pricing details have yet to be announced, so stay tuned for updates.

UAE Raffles and Prize Draws Put on Hold

The popular UAE prize draw Mahzooz has temporarily paused its operations as of January 1, 2024. Known for creating 64 millionaires and awarding over half a billion dirhams to approximately 1.8 million winners, Mahzooz stated on its website that the pause is in compliance with new commercial gaming regulations.

This industry-wide mandate aims to create a well-regulated gaming environment in the UAE.

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